DLR009 Earl Mustard 'Frank Mcnamees on Drugs'

The long awaited solo album from Earl Mustard is finally online and available!

The Earl Mustard Showband –Frank McNamees on Drugs (DLR009)
As one half (and occasionally on third) of cult art-punk band Hoovers and Sledgehammers Earl Mustard (aka visual artist James Mongey) was responsible for some of the more surreal moments in the Dublin DIY scene. They were a band whose singular style could alienate and enthral in equal quantities – and whose works were underpinned by a strong thread of the blackest humour.
That humour is evident in spades on his debut release, alongside claustrophobic visions of suburban existence (nasty neighbours and family feuds, howya chicken, toxic friends), surreal diversions (the Philadelphia experiment), straight up love songs (white skin and the architecture), and all out rants (napoleon complex). Musically speaking the album (produced by EJ Cotter) features a wide variety of styles and genres – with definite nod’s to bands such as talking heads and pavement on occasions. In short if this album was a person he’d be the guy up the road (still living with his parents), who you used to hang out with in school, who gets alternatively violent and maudlin after five pints of cider.
Album is officially and freely available from www.drunkenlustrecords.com from oct 20th, with a launch show planned for toners baggot st on oct 27th. A limited number of physical copies of the album are also available.
Bandcamp/download link