dlr010 the holy sparks!!! plots of the patriarchs

The Holy Sparks!!! are a trio obsessed with historical villains, dark shadows and eternal truths. A wide variety of instruments and influences are mixed to produce their sound. Their debut 4 track EP 'plots of the patriarchs' is released on drunkenlust records on 8th dec, and will be available freely from www.drunkenlustrecords.com. Taking musical cues from a variety of genres including garage, kraut, folk, and prog rock, and lyrical inspiration form history, alchemy, current politics and sci-fi, this ep was self recorded and produced by the band in the autumn of 2012. Their recent promo video ''ming!'' has been described as ''a somewhat energetic new wave, almost gothic offering from Dublin, whose bass punches and throbs, while heightened guitars exchange taunts with vocals, shrouded by haunt(ed) low-end reverb.''(the weekend polution blog). They are becoming noticed as a band with a unique take on sometimes familiar musical ideas, who’s energetic live shows are not to be missed.