Surfing with Picasso - the very best of Hoovers and Sledgehammers (DLR015)

Surfing with Picasso – the very best of Hoovers and Sledgehammers (DLR015)

“ Hoovers were buzzing with creativity. Jokes, surreal costumes, gigantic fake arms……. sometimes willfully sloppy, sometimes razor sharp tight, but always the most entertaining proposition.’’ Allen Blighe (Ballroom of Romance)

Unhinged, puerile, surreal, genius; The Hoovers and Sledgehammers ground art, politics, history and suburban alienation into the dust of dreams and nightmares. Between 2002-2009 the unmistakable forms of Earl Mustard and Igor Honey (occasionally joined by others) cut a swathe of mayhem across the Dublin music scene..

While they excelled as a live act, they produced a vast amount of material over their relatively short lifespan – 8 albums (average of 22 songs per album), not to mention an EP, and a not insignificant number of videos (and even a non musical film short). They were a self-contained creative cottage industry – and that’s before we even touch on Earl and Igor’s art and comics.

The sheer volume of this back catalogue means picking a single ‘best of’ is a hard task… long term hoovers fans (and there are indeed a few) will recognize some favorites, but even to the initiated such gems as ‘the best mood’ and ‘surfing with Picasso’ will be a new treat. To those unfamiliar with the Hoovers this presents a fine introduction to one of the most unique and unclassifiable acts ever to darken a stage in Dublin – and while although we may never again see Earl rolling around the floor of the Harbour bar wearing a framed death mask, while Igor, clad in pink wig, mask, and sequined gown dances on the bass amp – this collection will at least give a flavor of the Hoovers experience…

Oh – and they were also banned from tower records due to profanity…

The 15-track album, with extensive additional photos and sleeve notes by both Allen Blighe (Spook of the thirteenth lock, ballroom of romance) and Igor Honey, is available as a free download form

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