DrunkenLustRecords in many ways grew from a small scene of bands and artists hovering (or perhaps hoovering) around such dim and dark places as the boomboomroom, the ballroom of romance, and the pre-gentrification harbor bar, whom in 2008 decided to put their DIY squawks and shrieks under a single umbrella. 

From the lo-fi electro folk of The Bastard Rain, through French Birds classic indie, to the psychedelic space rock of The Holy Sparks!!! and back through the frankly unclassifiable art-gonzo-punk of The Hoovers and Sledgehammers, the label/collective has in its own intermittent way covered a significant, and not yet completed,  musical journey.

Many of these releases, videos, and artwork are available on or through this site,  and we hope you enjoy your trawl through this slice of Dublin's underground.